I never save my old photos

by - April 14, 2017


To be very honest with you, I never keep my photos. Legit. I'm using an iPhone 5s with 16GB. So, I keep deleting it whenever I got my 'almost full' notification. And I'm actually too lazy to keep it in my laptop, pen drive and etc. I don't even know why?

IF I'm about to find my old photos, that will probably on my Facebook account which I'm no longer use it anymore. But then the problem is, I deleted all of my Facebook's photos...

I'm quite jealous with all my friends who share their old photos on social media. Hahaha. I think this is one of the reason why I want to blog(?). To share with you all my sweet/bitter memories so that I can have something to show/tell my next generation(s), InsyaAllah.

I hope I will keep continue blogging and keep blogging until I get cucu cicits. hahaha I wish Blogger will still exist until that day.

To many more of you (who read this) reading my stupid confession. I know you are kind of special for my blog because you are reading this because you want it. I'm not  'promotng' this post on my social media. Because this post is kinda special.

ok, talk soon!

P/s: A bit awkward with no photo huh? Hehe I love you ♡♥

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